Using Photos

After having received a number of requests to use my photos, it finally occured to me that it would save everybody time if I just made the terms clear up front.

Creative Commons License
My Port Townsend – A City in Photographs by Michael McKee is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.

In simple terms, that means you may use the photos from this site for non-commercial, online purposes if you include credit and a link back to this site. (that’s for each and every photo) It’s been standard practice in publishing for decades to credit individual photos, and online to provide links with credits for years. Listing my name and information on a separate photographer’s page would be appreciated, but I do want each photo credited individually.

With each photo used on a non-commercial site you may use the following code:

<div>Photo by <a href=”” title=”My Port Townsned – A City in Photographs” rel=”photographer”>Michael McKee</a></div>

That will display like this:
Photo by Michael McKee

For commercial sites that directly promote Port Townsend and Jefferson County, WA, contact me. I may be willing to allow rights with the above terms. Otherwise, rights to use photos on a commercial site or without direct attribution may be purchased, as can selected photos suitable for print.

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