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Chinese Writing

photo of Chinese Gardens pond in Port Townsend, wa
Reeds in the Chinese Gardens

I drove towards the beach, and saw the reeds reflected in the water of the pond in Chinese Gardens. The geometric shapes formed by the reeds and their reflections made me think of writing. The heavy fog obscured the distance. Unfortunately, this shot required fighting through a patch of blackberries, which extracted their payment for passage in bandaid plastered hands.

Photos of Downtown Port Townsend

Friday was a perfect late summer day and I went for a photo walk, not that I need an excuse. Here are a few images from the walk.

Getting ready for the film festival in Port Townsend
Getting ready for the Port
Townsend Film Festival

This guy is painting the Mt. Baker Block Building in anticipation of the Port Townsend Film Festival next weekend.

Photo of Washington Street in Port Townsend
Reflecting on Washington Street

I just included this because I liked the reflection. 😉

Photo of Victorian tour in Port Townsend
Ship Tour

A small cruise ship docked in Port Townsend. These people are getting a Victorian Port Townsend tour. A number of town residents love to dress up in period garb, including the tour guides.

Photo of Siren's lunch in Port Townsend
Perfect day

With lovely weather, what could be better than having lunch on the Siren’s bar deck overlooking Port Townsend Bay.

man talking on phone
What was that again?

Or one could sit at a sidewalk table for a phone conversation.

Photo of couple reading on the dock by the Northwest Maritime Center in Port Townsend
NW Maritime deck.

Of course we could relax in the lawn chairs on the NW Maritime Center deck and just read.

Photo of child with a book in Port Townsend
I can read!

Or we could go into the Maritime Center coffee shop for our reading.

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Mt Shuksan Sunrise

Photo of Mt. Shuksan at sunrise
A different take on a popular photo op.

I spent that last few days at a Northwest Council of Camera Clubs getaway at the Mt. Baker Ski Area. When we weren’t socked in with clouds, the sky was very hazy, so I had to figure out how to get a usable photo of Mt. Shuksan, which is actually the mountain most visible from most of the ski area. Mt. Baker is visible from Port Townsend, but Shuksan, one of the most photographed mountains in the US, is hidden behind Baker from PT.

There was a very short window of clearish sky and good color as I was leaving the area to come home. You see the result above. The lake is aptly named Mirror Lake. Even if I didn’t get the classic tourist shot that I had in mind, I’m satisfied with this photo.

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Kah Tai Dawn

photo of Kah Tai Lagoon Park in Port Townsend
Early morning at Kah Tai

Dawn comes at about 5:30 this time of year. Sometimes I wake up with the light and can’t get back to sleep. This time I decided to just go with the flow. I  grabbed the camera and headed down to Kah Tai Nature Lagoon to catch the first light of the sun as it popped up over Morgan Hill.

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Duck Crossing

photo of ducks in Port Townsend's Kah Tai Lagoon Nature Park
Passing in the pond

Normally I try to avoid photos of Mallards. The ducks are photogenic but become very tame very quickly. The ones in Port Townsend’s Kah Tai Lagoon Nature Park will swim up to the shore, hoping for food. I have dozens of Mallard shots, so it takes a reasonably unusual situation to induce me to photograph them. I do like these two ducks framed by poplar reflections.

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