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Kah Tai Dawn

photo of Kah Tai Lagoon Park in Port Townsend
Early morning at Kah Tai

Dawn comes at about 5:30 this time of year. Sometimes I wake up with the light and can’t get back to sleep. This time I decided to just go with the flow. I  grabbed the camera and headed down to Kah Tai Nature Lagoon to catch the first light of the sun as it popped up over Morgan Hill.

Click photo for larger view.

Duck Crossing

photo of ducks in Port Townsend's Kah Tai Lagoon Nature Park
Passing in the pond

Normally I try to avoid photos of Mallards. The ducks are photogenic but become very tame very quickly. The ones in Port Townsend’s Kah Tai Lagoon Nature Park will swim up to the shore, hoping for food. I have dozens of Mallard shots, so it takes a reasonably unusual situation to induce me to photograph them. I do like these two ducks framed by poplar reflections.

Click photo for larger view.