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Faded Sunflower

Photo of sunflower
Past its prime

So often when we take photos in the fall the tendency is to look for idealized color. I’m as guilty as anybody. I scouted Port Townsend heavily for over a month, camera always ready. Yet sometimes the more interesting pictures just show the less than perfect truth. So far, this is my favorite “fall color” photo I’ve shot this year.

Click photo for larger view.

Red on the Pond

Photo of red maple leaves on a pond
Falling into the reflection

Big Dave requested maple leaves in water. I’ve shot quite a few photos of watery leaves, but there’s little fresh water near maple trees around Port Townsend. This picture was shot at Savage Plants nursery near Kingston on the Kitsap Peninsula. Google Maps tells me that it’s only 12 miles away, though it takes almost 45 miles to get there by road.

Click photo for larger view.