Dressing the Dog

Photo of vendor fixing a hot dog during the Port Townsend Uptown Street Fair
Get ready for a tasty hot dog

Yesterday was the 104th anniversary of the birth of Henri Cartier-Bresson, one of the more famous street photographers. In memory of his birth here’s a street photo. He is well known for coining the phrase: ‘the decisive moment,’ from the book of the same title. Another of his sayings was, “In photography, the smallest thing can be a great subject,” perhaps even dressing a hot dog.

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Photo of Port Townsend’s Uptown Fair

photo of entry in port townsend's uptown street fair
We Love Uptown

Every year on the third Saturday in August, Port Townsend hosts a street fair – Uptown. In addition to the normal Saturday Farmer’s Market vendors, food vendors and crafts people put up booths to sell their stuff. Several blocks are filled with vendors, so don’t expect to drive through the normal arteries. Theoretically at 1:00 pm there is a short parade that boasts a definite cobbled together feel. I say theoretically because I’ve never seen one start on time. However, it’s a lot of fun anyway.

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