Moi Kahumoku

photo of Moi Kahumoku in Port Townsend
Incredible Dreadlocks

I was headed to Aldrich’s for lunch when I passed this lovely young woman and her family. I was struck by the colored yarn she had braided into her dreadlocks. It turns out that she does that professionally. It shows.

She graciously let me make a photo of her. He baby didn’t seem interested in the whole process. Her guy headed to the store.

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Port Townsend Uptown Street Fair & Arts and Crafts Show

Port Townsend hosted its Annual Uptown Street Fair, which included the Farmer’s Market and Craft/Arts Fair. There was a parade, too. All good stuff.

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Fresh Coffee at the Port Townsend Farmer’s Market

photo of coffee brewing at Port Townsend Farmer's Market
Freshly brewed coffee is a treat

We have at least three coffee roasters in Port Townsend. Port Townsend Coffee Roasting Company has a booth at the Saturday Farmer’s Market. As you can see, the coffee is made on a per cup basis and is well worth the time it takes to brew.

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Dressing the Dog

Photo of vendor fixing a hot dog during the Port Townsend Uptown Street Fair
Get ready for a tasty hot dog

Yesterday was the 104th anniversary of the birth of Henri Cartier-Bresson, one of the more famous street photographers. In memory of his birth here’s a street photo. He is well known for coining the phrase: ‘the decisive moment,’ from the book of the same title. Another of his sayings was, “In photography, the smallest thing can be a great subject,” perhaps even dressing a hot dog.

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