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photo of rusty war remnant in Port Townsend
A map from orbit?

While it’s not in any way obvious, there’s a story in this photo. We are looking into a rusty hole in an old float that was attached to an anti-submarine chain. There are two of these old floats almost hidden in the tall grass on a nearby farm. This is a reminder that once one of Port Townsend’s main functions was to serve as a fortification protecting the entrance to Puget Sound.

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Picture More Snow in Port Townsend

Snowscape of ruined shed

Snow is a big deal for us here in Port Townsend, actually for the whole area. Seattle TV news showed seemingly endless footage of snow accumulations and fender bender accidents. Having come of age in the mountains of Utah, I have trouble relating to the fear and awe that a few inches of snow engender in people around here.

For me, this is an opportunity to take different photos. This picture is of a tumbledown shed on the corner of Landes and 22nd streets. I walk by it fairly often and have wondered how to get a good shot. When I saw it today the image just leaped out at me. My walking partner got a bit impatient as I worked the scene, pacing back and forth, stooping and extending the camera as high as I could reach. I think it was worth it.