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Dungeness River Bridge

Dungeness River Park Bridge
Bridge over Dungeness River at Railroad Park

Railroad Park is in Sequim (pronounced skwim), about 45 minutes west of Port Townsend. The park hosts the Dungeness River Audubon Center and is a wonderful place to unwind and watch birds and watch the water flow by. The path is part of the Olympic Discovery Trail, a multi-use/non-motorized trail that runs across much of the northern Olympic Peninsula.

Beginning restoration at Fort Worden

Partly restored street car barn at Fort Worden
Partly restored street car barn at Fort Worden

Last year the entire building looked like the side on the left. As is the case with many old buildings in Fort Worden State Park there’s little money to maintain structures that are not in active use.

To help remedy the situation, the Port Townsend School of Woodworking sponsored a project to begin the restoration of this old street car barn. They worked with a group of Veterans to finish the one side facing the street. Hopefully, this pilot project is just the first effort towards the historic preservation of this beautiful park.