Chimacum Chicken

Photo of egg hen in Chimacum, WA
Wayward Hen

This hen was wandering outside the fence that contained her flock mates. Keeping egg hens has become quite the thing around Port Townsend and surrounding communities. There are 4 places I know of within a half mile of our home that have chickens. This particular bird was behind the Chimacum Valley Veternary Hospital. When I left our cat off to get his teeth cleaned, this hen clucked by.

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Chimacum Farmer’s Market

Photo of Chimacum Farmer's Market
Selling artisan pickles at the Chimacum Farmer's Market

I’ve neglected rural Jefferson County this year and focusing mostly on Port Townsend photos. Last weekend, the local extension of Washington State University sponsored a tour of local farms. This isn’t one of them, I’ll post a photo of that tomorrow. The farm tour did get me out into the county, though.

This picture is of the Chimacum Farmer’s Market, which is under the umbrella of the Jefferson County Farmer’s Market organization. The JCFM also sponsors the Saturday and Wednesday markets in Port Townsend.

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Our New Kitten, Thimble

Photo of new kitten, named Thimble
Our new Kitten, Thimble

This is Thimble Berry McKee.¬†Okay, the photo is totally schmaltzy. But, it’s impossible to not take pictures of such a great new addition to our life, even if such photos are too cute and sentimental. Kittens are too cute. It’s part of their job description. Besides, this gives me an excuse to plug our great Animal Shelter.

We adopted Thimble last Thursday from the Jefferson County Animal Shelter, which is soon to be passed from the Sheriffs Office’s control to the Humane Society’s. You can view photos of the Shelter’s current adoptions here.

On Common Grounds

On Common Grounds Coffee Shop and Cafe

This barrage of color is the inside of On Common Grounds in Chimacum. It started out as just another coffee stand with a few packaged baked goods. Now, a couple of owners later, it features some of the best baked goods and lunches in the county. The coffee is pretty good, too. ¬†Everything is made fresh on the premises. Whenever we take a trip to points south we stop by. Actually, we often plan our excursions so we roll by the place around lunch time. It’s on the north end of Beaver Valley Road, near the ¬†intersection of Center Valley Road (Chimacum Corners). It’s friendly and homey there.

Marauding Dragon

Dragon statue in H.J. Carroll Park

It’s funny how many times we can look at something and not really see it. This dragon statue is in the kids’ playground in H.J. Carroll Park in Chimacum. I’ve walked past it hundreds of times. Last time I was there I finally saw this view of the dragon where it looks like its headed to attack the pavilion.

Jefferson County International Airport

Small planes at Jefferson County International Airport
Small planes at Jefferson County International Airport

The title international airport sounds impressive. You’re seeing the main kind of airplane that the airport services, a single engine Cessna. All that the international name means is that it is possible to clear U.S. Customs here. With Canada only 35 miles away, we do get international traffic.