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Photos of Downtown Port Townsend

Friday was a perfect late summer day and I went for a photo walk, not that I need an excuse. Here are a few images from the walk.

Getting ready for the film festival in Port Townsend
Getting ready for the Port
Townsend Film Festival

This guy is painting the Mt. Baker Block Building in anticipation of the Port Townsend Film Festival next weekend.

Photo of Washington Street in Port Townsend
Reflecting on Washington Street

I just included this because I liked the reflection. 😉

Photo of Victorian tour in Port Townsend
Ship Tour

A small cruise ship docked in Port Townsend. These people are getting a Victorian Port Townsend tour. A number of town residents love to dress up in period garb, including the tour guides.

Photo of Siren's lunch in Port Townsend
Perfect day

With lovely weather, what could be better than having lunch on the Siren’s bar deck overlooking Port Townsend Bay.

man talking on phone
What was that again?

Or one could sit at a sidewalk table for a phone conversation.

Photo of couple reading on the dock by the Northwest Maritime Center in Port Townsend
NW Maritime deck.

Of course we could relax in the lawn chairs on the NW Maritime Center deck and just read.

Photo of child with a book in Port Townsend
I can read!

Or we could go into the Maritime Center coffee shop for our reading.

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Photo of Port Townsend Coffee Drinker

Photo of woman drinking coffee at Port Townsend's Undertown Coffee and Wine Bar
Enjoying an espresso

I had my last cup of leaded coffee three weeks ago. My doctor has been on me for years to cut out caffeine. I haven’t totally. I still have a cup of green tea in the morning and decaf coffee in the afternoon. That’s been a huge step. Port Townsend is in Seattle’s orbit when it comes to good coffee. It’s almost a Pacific Northwest cult. San Francisco and Portland are just as rabid. I was so into coffee that I roasted my own.

This picture was taken in the Undertown, my current favorite coffee shop. The woman seemed to be enjoying her espresso so much that I had to photograph her.

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On Common Grounds

On Common Grounds Coffee Shop and Cafe

This barrage of color is the inside of On Common Grounds in Chimacum. It started out as just another coffee stand with a few packaged baked goods. Now, a couple of owners later, it features some of the best baked goods and lunches in the county. The coffee is pretty good, too.  Everything is made fresh on the premises. Whenever we take a trip to points south we stop by. Actually, we often plan our excursions so we roll by the place around lunch time. It’s on the north end of Beaver Valley Road, near the  intersection of Center Valley Road (Chimacum Corners). It’s friendly and homey there.

Undertown Coffee & Wine Bar

Go down the stairs on Taylor Street, just north of the traffic light.  Follow a darkish and damp tunnel. At the end, turn left into a unique coffee shop. Beneath the Mt. Baker Building (built in 1890), the tunnel opens into Port Townsend’s own Undertown.  (There’s also an entrance off Tyler Street.)

A favorite meeting and gathering place downtown.  Catch a local band on the weekend evenings.

Undertown Coffee & Wine Bar
Undertown Coffee and Wine Bar
211 Taylor Street, Port Townsend, WA
6:30am – 5 pm Sunday and Monday.
6:30am – 10 pm Friday and Saturday.
6:30am – 8pm Tuesday – Thursday.
(360) 385-1410
Facebook Page
12 oz. Americano: $2.26
12 oz. Latte: $3.04
12 oz. Mocha: $3.37
12 oz. Drip: $1.54
The usual sweets and wrapped cookies plus homemade pies. Sandwiches are made on premises. In the evenings you can get a glass of wine.
General Atmosphere:
This is a renovated basement with multiple rooms of brick and stone. The legend is that one or more of the hallways was once a Shanghai tunnel. Local artists, often photographers, display artwork on the walls. There is an assortment of tables and chairs along with comfy leather sofas. The counter has a couple of stools and there’s always a paper to read.
Stumptown Coffee, Portland, OR.
The Tunnel

Review: Aldrich’s Galley

The Wooden Boat Foundation Chandlery resides inside the Northwest Maritime Center. In the back of the Chandlery is nestled Aldrich’s Galley, a nice place to stop and refresh yourself when visiting the Maritime Center and the east end of Water Street.

Aldrich's Galley in the in the Wooden Boat Foundation Chandlery
Aldrich's Galley in the in the Wooden Boat Foundation Chandlery
Aldrich’s Galley
431 Water Street, Port Townsend, WA
7 am – 5 pm daily.
(360) 385-1646
Facebook Wall
12 oz. Americano: $2.00
12 oz. Latte: $3.35
12 oz. Mocha: $3.50
12 oz. Drip: $1.25
A variety of packaged foods and sweets. You can also get ice cream and bottled water and soda.
General Atmosphere:
Tucked in the back of the Chandlery store, Aldrich’s Galley is surrounded in wood. On nice days you can enjoy a large patio and dock right outside.
Sunrise Coffee Company, local to Port Townsend, WA.