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Port Townsend Uptown Street Fair & Arts and Crafts Show

Port Townsend hosted its Annual Uptown Street Fair, which included the Farmer’s Market and Craft/Arts Fair. There was a parade, too. All good stuff.

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Photo of Port Townsend’s Blue Angel

Photo of Christmas lighted statue in Port Townsend
Making lemonade

Sue requested this photo. I’ve been thinking about getting it, and her reminder got me to get out and take the picture.

The statue with lights is on Discovery Road, near the corner of San Juan and F Streets. The adjacent homeowner created this lovely angel light sculpture on top of one of my least favorite public sculptures ever. Good job!

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Wanna Come Out For a Bite?

Photo of Port Townsend's Key City Public Theater - Dracula production
Outtake photo from Dracula publicity shoot

Port Townsend’s Key City Public Theater is staging a production of Dracula, adapted from the novel of the same name. The late Sy Kahn wrote the play. From the press release:

It begins with a screaming nightmare.

And, like any good horror story, the nightmare gets worse before it gets better.

Key City Public Theatre presents the Pacific Northwest premiere of the timeless tale “Dracula” as adapted from the Bram Stoker classic by long-time Port Townsend resident Sy Kahn. The show opens Friday October 7 and runs through Sunday October 30.

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Paul Conklin Award Winning Photo

My winning entry in the Jefferson County Fair

This is not the photo I posted recently as an entry in the Jefferson County Fair. That did get a blue ribbon but there were a number of those given. I took this picture last winter. It’s a black and white titled Reading. It won the Paul Conklin Award as the best adult photo.

There’s a slight bit of embarrassment here. Monday, I was talking to another Port Townsend Photo Club member, who won this award a couple of years ago. She said that I should have entered in the expert class instead of regular adult. I told her that since I’d never won an award of any kind I wasn’t an expert. Oops.


Paul Conklin,  was a prolific photojournalist who became the first official photographer for the Peace Corps in the 1960’s. His New York Times obituary is here.