High Tide at Fort Worden

Sunday the wind quit for a few hours allowing us to take a pleasant walk in Fort Worden. Usually we walk on the beach but the high tide covered the sand.

Driftwood on Port Townsend's Fort Worden beach

Driftwood that typically rests on the beach floated free.

Fort Worden Afternoon--14Waves reached all the way up to the low bluff that faces the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

Fort Worden Afternoon--15

Fort Worden Afternoon--3Fortunately there is a trail that runs beside the Park road.

Fort Worden Afternoon--6

Although wind damage from yesterday’s storm still litters the park.

Fort Worden Afternoon--7

Unfortunately, other litter gets thrown in the grass and ferns.

Fort Worden Afternoon--5

There’s always the Point Wilson Lighthouse to visit.

Photo of Point Wilson LIghthouse

I have dozens of Point Wilson lighthouse photos, but lighthouses are like sunsets. There’s always the need to take yet another version.

Photo of Point Wilson LIghthouse

Besides the lighthouse, the Port Townsend Marine Science Center always draws us back, as it does most visitors to Fort Worden State Park.

Fort Worden Afternoon--8

Including seagulls.

Fort Worden Afternoon--9

Crab fishers seem to find the place useful to store traps.
Fort Worden Afternoon--10

This is a view through the paving stones that cover the Marine Science Center pier.

Fort Worden Afternoon--12

This is part of the pier leading out to the Center.

Fort Worden Afternoon--13

And, there are always more visitors.

Visitors to Port Townsend Marine Science Center

A Politically Correct Holiday Greeting

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photo of sun setting over Port Townsend/Keystone ferry dock

End of the shortest day