PT Paper Mill

Photo of Port Townsend Paper Mill


TheĀ Port Townsend Paper Company operates this paper mill, which sits about a mile out on Larry Scott Trail. The mill is the largest private employer in the county and has provided jobs to the community for decades. Unfortunately, the paper business has been having rough times in the current economy. The mill is still running and we hope it continues to be successful enough to remain open. The loss of it would hit the community very hard.

Port Townsend Wharf Tricks

photo of cyclist doing stunts on Port Townsend's Union Wharf


I went out on Union Wharf because of the beautiful light. I got quite a show. This cyclist was popping wheelies then balancing on the rear wheel of his bike. It looks like he’s balanced over the water. Fortunately there’s a small platform on the wharf far from any drops into Port Townsend Bay.

Click photo for larger view.