A Perspective on Daffodils

photo of daffodils
Looking up to flowers

I was flat on my belly, crawling around in the field, working to get the angle just right for the photo. (notice how the clouds look like mist coming from the flower’s “mouth”)

After I took the shot I turned over to see two people on the sidewalk just staring at me. I guess they had never seen a grown man squirming for a photo. I said, “Hi,” but they hurried off.

Red Rock and Reflected Light

Photo in Coyote Canyon, Az
Alien Head
Suspended driftwood in Antelope Canyon, Az
All hung up
Photo of light beam in Antelope Canyon, Az
Blinded by the Light
photo of Coyote canyon, az
In the belly of the serpant
Photo of Antelope Canyon Az, showing sunbeam
Ray of Hope

One of the most currently popular places to take landscape photos is Antelope Canyon, near Page Arizona. You can see why. Sunlight bounces around in the twisty and narrow canyon and makes the sandstone glow as if it is lit from the inside.

Arizona is where I’ve been playing for the last couple of months. At first I wasn’t going to post the photos as they have nothing to do with Port Townsend. However, I like the photos, so here they are.