photo of rusty war remnant in Port Townsend
A map from orbit?

While it’s not in any way obvious, there’s a story in this photo. We are looking into a rusty hole in an old float that was attached to an anti-submarine chain. There are two of these old floats almost hidden in the tall grass on a nearby farm. This is a reminder that once one of Port Townsend’s main functions was to serve as a fortification protecting the entrance to Puget Sound.

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photo of artichokes in Port Townsend
U-pick artichokes

On the way to North Beach we pass a small farm. Each year there are several long rows of artichokes. The fading light just popped between some trees to highlight one artichoke.

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Port Townsend Secret Garden Tour Photo

photo of Sarah Young Garden on Port Townsend's Secret Garden Tour
Sarah Young Garden

The annual Jefferson County Master Gardener sponsored Secret Garden Tour rolled around again this Saturday. This garden was particularly interesting, as we knew the people who started it.  I think we first saw this garden even before our garden was on the tour in 1998. Maybe not. Dates get hazy after a while. A different owner has made the garden a different experience. It’s fascinating how the same place can look so different.

The “sculpture” appears to be the sheet of steel that was left after a number of parts had been cut out of it. It works well here.

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Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris

photo from Port Townsend's Key City Theater
Get ready for a good time

June 27 – July 15

KCPT Presents
Jacques Brel Is Alive and Well and Living in Paris
production conception, english lyrics and additional material
by Eric Blau and Mort Shuman
music by Jacques Brel

An evening of vibrant songs performed
cabaret style at Key City Playhouse

directed by Denise Winter
musical direction by David H Schroeder

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Last Downtown Port Townsend Construction Photo

photo of workers rebuilding Port Townsend's Water Street
Pulling wire

Since the construction has been going on in Downtown Port Townsend for months, it’s difficult to ignore. But I’ll try not to show any more construction photos.

The sidewalks on Water Street and Taylor Street have been replaced, so nobody falls through to the tunnels beneath. The city has also taken the opportunity to have some of the utilities re-routed underground. These two workmen were pulling 400 feet of wire through a conduit. First one guy would pull until he was breathing hard then the other would take over.

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Golden Snail

Photo of gold colored snail on Port Townsend's Larry Scott Trail
Is this guy radioactive?

I’ve noticed these gold colored snails while walking on Larry Scott Trail. I have not seen them in other places and certainly not in our garden. We get plenty of snails (and slugs), but they’re the normal brown ones. I don’t know if the gold ones are a different species or a very local variation of the standard garden pests.

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