Snake in the Grass

photo of garden snake
Downtown Port Townsend wildlife

Near the end of an unofficial Port Townsend Photo Club meeting, ¬†downtown at the Undertown coffee shop, a group of us were talking. Actually, I was talking. I stopped mid-sentence and exclaimed, “A snake!”

I ran out of the coffee shop, camera in hand, and probably terrified the poor snake by shoving a camera about a foot from its face. You never know what you’ll see in PT.

Click photo for larger view.

Chimacum Chicken

Photo of egg hen in Chimacum, WA
Wayward Hen

This hen was wandering outside the fence that contained her flock mates. Keeping egg hens has become quite the thing around Port Townsend and surrounding communities. There are 4 places I know of within a half mile of our home that have chickens. This particular bird was behind the Chimacum Valley Veternary Hospital. When I left our cat off to get his teeth cleaned, this hen clucked by.

Click photo for larger view.