Misty Trail

Photo of Port Townsend's Larry Scott Trail
A mile and a half

This is the on the Larry Scott Trail just north of the Port Townsend Paper Mill. A spot of sun filtered through the heavy overcast, illuminating the mist from a recent rain. As you can see, this point is a mile and a half from the trailhead.

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After the Holiday

Photo of Port Townsend's Safeway parking lot after Christmas trees removed
Boxing day blues

Our neighbors north of the border celebrate Boxing Day, on December 26. In Washington, we only have the day after Christmas. There were shoppers in Downtown Port Townsend, but there was none of the holiday energy in the air. Returns and bargain hunting don’t offer the excitement of getting gifts. The weather perfectly reflected the mood, gray, wet and windy.

The Christmas trees had been removed from parking lots. Christmas oriented merchandise had already been demoted to discount tables. Life goes on.

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The Rain Returns to Port Townsend

Photo of raindrops on a leaf
The dry spell is ending

This is a La Nina year, which is supposed to bring Port Townsend more rain than normal. Ironically, this December has been the driest on record. The split jet stream that has sent storms north and south of us is supposed to end it’s divergent ways, bringing us the normal wet winter weather. That doesn’t mean a white Christmas, just a rainy one.

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