Kah Tai Bridge

photo of Kah Tai Lagoon in Port Townsend
Morning in Kah Tai

I love the poplars that line the lagoon in Kah Tai Nature Park. Some years they turn a beautiful golden yellow in the fall. Though they’re starting to turn, the leaves are falling off the trees pretty quickly. It will be a race to see whether we get good color there before too many leaves are gone.

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It’s never just a photo

When I started this blog, I made an explicit promise to myself that it would not end up being about photography. The pictures here are intended only to pay tribute to Port Townsend and surrounding areas. In short, it’s a blog about place not photography.

That said, there are stories that beg to be shared. On L7px, Liam McHenry, an Australian photographer tells a great story about how his photographing a teen led to a wonderful connection and an object lesson in honesty and openness.

Shopping in William James Bookseller

Photo of a shopper in Port Townsend's William James Bookstore
So many books - so little time

One of Port Townsend’s treasures is William James Bookseller. This used bookstore on Water Street has a remarkable number of books. It also features remainders and does a mail order business in first editions. The name of the store does not refer to the famous psychologist, William James but the first and middle names of the owner.

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