Milky Way

Photo of the Milky Way
Starry, starry night

As a break from fall color photos, here’s a shot of the milky way. Since low tide shifts to night time in the fall and winter, this was taken around 11:00 pm from the beach. I walked about a mile west from North Beach to get as far away from lights as one can around Port Townsend.

Happy Halloween.

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Port Townsend Fog Photo

Photo of Port Townsend, WA and morning fog
San Juan and F Street Fog

Most recent mornings have been misty, whether we’ve had overcast or not. In this photo, we’re looking north on San Juan to towards its intersection with F Street. This is a low point between hills and often has fog, and on still mornings like Saturday, wood smoke. The smoke smells wonderful in the crisp morning air.

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