Phil Baumgaertne, who has been doing some original photo work on the subject of “Ambiguous Port Townsend”, took me out for a lesson on Strobist style flash photography. That basically means using all manual settings for both camera and flash. We both wanted to experiment with strong shadows.

Since Phil was holding the flash, I had to take this using a long self-timer camera setting while I hurried to get in place and pose.


Nigella flower in our garden

This particular flower is a volunteer. That’s one of the really great aspects of nigella. It self seeds all over. With some flowers, that’s a problem but nigella isn’t aggressive. I have to get out during the day to catch the current blooms, as the deer come by each evening and eat the flowers. I also like the spiky plants. The spikes are soft and not prickly, and I think they make the flowers cheerful.

Morning Ritual

Coffee and Kindle
The perfect morning pair, a cuppa and a Kindle

Saturday was World Pentax day, an occasion on which Pentax shooters are supposed to go out and shoot photos and share them with other Pentax users. My best shot came before I got out, before coffee, actually, which is a miracle. This is the perfect way to spend a drizzly, cold morning.