Port Townsend/Keystone Ferry from City Dock

Photo of Port Townsend/Keystone Ferry from City Dock
Port Townsend/Keystone Ferry from City Dock

I know I said no more snow photos. Consider this picture more an expression of my mood after I got thoroughly chilled today. The snow, which is gone from most of Puget Sound still hangs on in Port Townsend. With rain forecast for the next few days we should see the last of the white stuff. Though with highs around 40 degrees, dark skies, and constant breezes, it won’t feel much different.


Port Townsend Presences at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show

photo of port townsend company, toland home garden products
Wasps traps in the Toland Home Garden booth

Okay, this colorful wasp trap picture was shot in Seattle, not Port Townsend, but the company selling the traps, Toland Home Garden is based in Port Townsend. The bad news is that you can’t buy their products directly. Toland is a wholesaler.  The good news is that they sell  their wasp traps online through Mad About Gardening, an advocacy and educational organization which works to “Educate All Gardeners, from Greenhorns to Greenthumbs and to Advocate for the Gardening Community”.

Toland was one of hundreds of vendors at the show. Another Port Townsend vendor, Far Reaches Nursery had a very busy booth, though I didn’t get a usable photo. The nursery owners, Kelly and Sue are self-professed obsessive plant collectors and have propagated unique plants from around the world, especially China and Australia. When spring decides to get here, I’ll drop by their nursery for some pictures. Their nursery fills a unique niche in the gardening world.

B&D Lilies was also at the show with bags and bags of lily bulbs as well as other some bulbs and seeds.

Picture More Snow in Port Townsend

Snowscape of ruined shed

Snow is a big deal for us here in Port Townsend, actually for the whole area. Seattle TV news showed seemingly endless footage of snow accumulations and fender bender accidents. Having come of age in the mountains of Utah, I have trouble relating to the fear and awe that a few inches of snow engender in people around here.

For me, this is an opportunity to take different photos. This picture is of a tumbledown shed on the corner of Landes and 22nd streets. I walk by it fairly often and have wondered how to get a good shot. When I saw it today the image just leaped out at me. My walking partner got a bit impatient as I worked the scene, pacing back and forth, stooping and extending the camera as high as I could reach. I think it was worth it.

Snow in Port Townsend

February Snowstorm in Port Townsend
Snow strikes Port Townsend

This is the start of the snow. We got about 3 inches in 2 hours. Then it blew hard for another hour filling in footsteps and tire tracks. The night brought about 2 more inches.

I get a little smug about our normally mild climate. When a neighbor from my high school days, Bonnie, commented that she had 3 inches of white stuff in Utah last week I felt smug. Well, mother nature always bats last, and she hit a bucketload of snow toward us. Cold’s expected for the next few days so it will stick around.

Early Morning on Port Townsend’s Water Street

Early morning shows an empty downtown Port Townsend

I love the fact that this time of year we get our town back from the tourists. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad they come. Without them we’d have much less in the way of entertainment and fewer restaurants. And on days like this, I can enjoy having easy parking on Water Street and quick seating when dining out.

Of course, Water Street in Port Townsend is generally clear at a quarter to 8 in the morning any time of year. It’s a great time to take pictures, especially with the sun glowing off the brick facades.

Back Alley Stairs

Getting behind the stores of Water Street, Port Townsend

The fancy Victorian store fronts on Port Townsend’s Water Street are beautiful. Ever wonder what the back of the buildings looks like? Every one of those multi-story brick showpieces has a seedy backside with patched walls, mold on walls and clutter around the bases. Then there are the stairs. Some are of wood but as those wear out, metal versions replace them.

On Common Grounds

On Common Grounds Coffee Shop and Cafe

This barrage of color is the inside of On Common Grounds in Chimacum. It started out as just another coffee stand with a few packaged baked goods. Now, a couple of owners later, it features some of the best baked goods and lunches in the county. The coffee is pretty good, too.  Everything is made fresh on the premises. Whenever we take a trip to points south we stop by. Actually, we often plan our excursions so we roll by the place around lunch time. It’s on the north end of Beaver Valley Road, near the  intersection of Center Valley Road (Chimacum Corners). It’s friendly and homey there.

Cornelius Tolles

Cornelius Tolles Bunker in Fort Worden

Fort Worden, now a terrific conference center and state park was originally founded to host large gun batteries that guarded the entrance to Puget Sound. With Fort Casey and Fort Flagler it formed a point of a triangle of gun emplacements. The batteries in Fort Worden offer a glimpse of the past as well as an interesting opportunity to explore the damp concrete interiors.