Most Unusual Christmas Lights

Creative Christmas Lighting

We see what’s probably the normal gamut of Christmas lighting around Port Townsend. Some of it’s gaudy. Some of it’s modest or subtle. I’ve never seen anything like this, with flexible tubes running across the roof like a technicolor mohawk haircut. The parallel red lines are from a passing car. The house is on 19th Street, just down the hill from Sheridan.

The Reindeer Monologs in Port Townsend

The cast of Key City's production of the (Eight) Reindeer Monologs

The publicity guy for Key City Public Theater sent out an email requesting volunteers from the Port Townsend Photo Club to take publicity photos of the final afternoon of The Reindeer Monologs. As it turned out I had just changed the battery in my camera and was headed out to shoot some landscapes.

I went downtown to get some Key City photos instead. I’m glad that I did. The play was terrific.

New Greenhouse

New greenhouse under the moon

Our old greenhouse burned down last spring. It took some time to recover from the shock and decide if we even wanted a replacement (a ridiculous thought, K loves greenhouse work). Anyway, the kit came from Charley’s Greenhouse just before our big pre-Thanksgiving storm. With a neighbor’s help, I got the structure up just before the snow hit. Wednesday I finished the wiring and here’s the result.