Canoeing Lake Leland

Afloat on Lake Leland

About 26 miles southeast of Port Townsend and about 5 miles north of Quilcene sits Lake Leland. It’s a pretty little lake a bit more than a mile and a half long. While much of the shoreline is forested, there are a number of houses and cabins. There is a State campground across the access road, though that’s closed now that tourist season is past. You’ll often see people fishing the lake in small boats. Speed boating and water skiing are frowned upon.

A neighbor took his grandson fishing here last week and caught a rainbow trout, or the grandkid did. There are also some bass in the deeper parts of the lake.

Images of Fall – Rose Hips

Rugosa Rose Hips

I know that it’s been a few days since I’ve last posted. I have to admit that I burned out after posting every day for over a year. I’m not quitting. Just needed a rest.

This year is not a great one for fall colors in our area. Trees that normally offer up a good show are simply dropping leaves before they turn. Those that do turn are only doing so with some of their leaves. The other leaves just turn brown. So, I’ll see this as an opportunity to focus more closely on the signs of fall we do have.

Here we see a bunch of rose hips on a rugosa rose in H. J. Carroll Park in Chimacum. These are about an inch in diameter and quite tasty.

House Finch

Male House Finch

This poor little guy was almost motionless on the ground by the living room windows. It probably flew into them and stunned itself. I hung around while it gradually got more active and mobile so the crows wouldn’t come down and eat him. Might as well take the opportunity to capture a photo or two.

Many Mushrooms

Mushrooms in Old Fort Townsend

Watch out, there’s fungus among us. At least in the trails of Fort Townsend there are more mushrooms than I’ve ever seen anywhere around here. During mid day you can actually smell them while walking. From these little ones to mushrooms over a foot across, it’s quite a sight.