Moon Field

Light painting in the field

This is an experiment in light painting. That is, I set the exposure for the sky and used a flashlight (torch) to “paint” light on the rocks and wood pile in the foreground. This technique often uses colored lights but I didn’t like the weird effect of red or green rocks.

Not a Band Photo

Sailboat in Point Hudson Marina

I’ve realized that I’m not much of a journalist. I went downtown to photograph a Concerts on the Dock performance of the Delta Rays. I did enjoy the music but when it came to posting a photo, I had to put up the better picture, rather than the one that recorded the concert. BTW, the boat is named Martha. Okay, now I’m feeling guilty. Here’s a shot of the Delta Rays, too.

Delta Rays performing at the Concert on the Dock
Delta Rays performing at the Concert on the Dock

Confusion on Water Street

Confusing signage on Water Street

The east end of Water Street has seen construction for most of this year as the city upgrades the street surface and sidewalks. To help us understand what’s what there are a few signs near the construction zone.

All businesses are open except for the one that’s closed. The sidewalk is closed ahead, so walk on the other side of the street. Except, stay on this side for the businesses that are open on this side. Is that all perfectly clear?

Port Townsend Uptown Street Fair – Rec Center

Port Townsend Rec - Senior Center
Port Townsend's annual Uptown Street Fair

Port Townsend hosts more than it’s share of festivals and events. With Fort Worden Conference Center, Centrum and the Northwest Maritime Center between them hosting something almost every weekend of the summer, we have tourists here every weekend attending something. With all the focus on visitors, it’s nice to have an event that is hosted by and for locals.

Port Townsend’s annual Uptown Street Fair cordons off two blocks on Uptown’s main intersection and features booths, the Farmer’s Market, music and a parade. Its funky, low budget and friendly.

On the lawn of the Port Townsend Rec Center we have the Port Townsend Summer Band and a face painting booth.

Port Townsend Street Fair

Calendula Closeup

Calendula flower closeup
Calendula flower

Karen told me to go look at the Calendula beside the house. It has some beautiful gradations of color. She was right. I also found the detritus that collected in the center of the flower interesting.

According to Wikipedia, Calendula (pronounced /kəˈlɛndjuːlə/ Ca-lén-du-la), Pot Marigold, is a genus of about 12-20 species of annual or perennial herbaceous plants in the daisy family Asteraceae, native to the area from Macaronesia east through the Mediterranean region to Iran. That means that they originated in the same part of the world as house cats. How’s that for useless trivia?

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