Review: Better Living Through Coffee

Better Living Through Coffee coffee shop
Better Living Through Coffee coffee shop

The name is real, Better Living Through Coffee. It features locally roasted organic coffee and a great view of Port Townsend Bay. They serve strong coffee here. By default, their 16 oz. drinks are made with 4 shots. I ask for 12 ounces and 2 shots in my Americanos. They’re happy to serve custom sizes.

Better Living Through Coffee
100 Tyler Street, Port Townsend, WA 98368
7am – 6pm, closed Tuesdays
(360) 385-3388
Yes.  Free.
Prices: (12 oz. drinks are not listed on the menu. They are available. Prices are for 4 shot drinks. Two shot drinks are less.)
16 oz. Americano: $3.50
16 oz. Latte: $4.25
16 oz. Mocha: $4.75
16 oz. Drip: $3.25 (Drip coffee is varietal coffee, brewed individually for each cup)
Organic pastries and cookies made with natural sweeteners.  A number of wheat-free and gluten-free sweets are offered. Lunch food is also served. When available, all food is made with local, organic ingredients.
General Atmosphere:
Bright and airy with a fabulous water view. The place is comfortable, featuring wood seats, tables and floor.  There’s a counter with stools, and three leather sofas provide a softer alternative. Two tables are offered outside.
All coffee is provided by  Port Townsend Coffee Roasting Company. It is organic and fair trade certified.
Better Living Through Coffee View of Port Townsend Bay
View of Port Townsend Bay from the coffee shop window

On Moonlight Bay

A moored sailboat on Port Townsend bay under the full moon.
A moored sailboat on Port Townsend Bay under the full moon.

I was listening to a jazz station a couple of days ago. I think it was KPLU, although it might have been one of the other jazz stations I stream. The song On Moonlight Bay, sung by Doris Day, got played. I don’t particularly like it. That doesn’t matter. “I was sailing along on Moonlight Bay,” is on a repeat loop running through my head.

Well, here’s a sailboat on a moonlit bay.

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On Our Coffee Reviews

My wife, Karen, and I are members of the cult of coffee. It’s not a religious affiliation, although the perfect cup can bring sighs of rapture. We’ve decided to sample our way through Port Townsend’s nearly two dozen coffee shops and share the results with you.

We don’t prefer the same drink. Karen likes lattes and has a fancy Italian espresso machine with which she steams her dark beans and foams them into a milky delight.

I drink brewed coffee of a milder roast. And when I say roast, I’m being very specific, as I roast my own varietal beans in micro batches and brew one cup at a time.

As we realize that judging a cup depends on personal taste as much as it does the person brewing it, we won’t rate coffee quality. With one exception, all the suppliers of coffee goodness we describe here usually produce a good cup. Since espresso is ideally hand crafted, the experience and attention of the barista brewing the coffee is as important as the equipment used and the coffee itself. Instead, we will offer a description of each coffee shop and hopefully provide enough information for you to make an informed choice about which to visit.

Coffee in cup
Hi-test coffee

Review: Tyler Street Coffee House

Tyler Street Coffeehouse
Inside of Tyler Street
Tyler Street Coffee House
215 Tyler Street
Port Townsend, WA 98368
6 am – 5pm, closed Monday
(360) 379-4185
Can access the Palace Hotel network with no password.
12 oz. Americano: $2.30
12 oz. Latte: $3.25
12 oz. Mocha: $3.50
12 oz. Drip: $2.00
Tyler Street has an on-site bakery that offers fresh baked sweets of all kinds. In addition it serves lunch and breakfast. The food is fresh, no wrapped sandwiches here.
General Atmosphere:
The decor is early 1900s with art deco touches. An exposed brick wall and glass storefront add to the charm. It features wood floors, coffee bar and tables. Three outside tables are available for al fresco enjoyment.
Seattle roasted Caffé Vita is featured, some of which is organic and fair trade.