Road Work On Sims Way

Worker filling in planting area by new sidewalk near roundabout

As with most road projects, this one seems to have gone on forever. We have two new roundabouts on Highway 20 (Sim’s Way) at the west end of town. Few locals express support for the project that has tied up traffic for months and made access to adjacent businesses difficult. However, roundabouts do reduce accidents and traffic deaths.

Bread Seed Poppy

Closeup of a bread seed poppy and pod capsule

Port Townsend is awash in poppies now. We’ve always had them but this year they seem to be taking over the city. This is a bread seed poppy also known as an opium poppy. They’re legal to grow but not process for drugs of any kind. Let the pods (capsules) dry and they contain about a half a teaspoon of seeds each, the kind you use in baking.

See more closeup photos at Lisa’s Chaos.

Firing the Canon

Double exposure of a canon firing during the Battle of Port Gamble

I was looking through my Battle of Port Gamble photos and found the double exposure I’d taken of a canon. I first took a distant shot, then ran closer to overlay a closeup of the canon being fired. The only Photoshop work done to this was the conversion to black and white.