Happy Memorial Day

Bundled up and under cover

In most of the country, Memorial Day represents the first day of summer. People barbecue and celebrate the warm weather. Here we get ready to enter what we lovingly refer to as Juneuary. Bundled in jackets with hands in pockets we huddle against the cold rain and even possibly remember the service people who gave their lives for their country.

Organic Cows

Cows eating in Beaver Valley
Cows eating in Beaver Valley

I believe these cows belong to the Bishop Dairy. They can often be seen grazing in the fields near the corner of Beaver Valley and Egg and I roads. The dairy sells milk to Organic Dairy.

The odd colors and texture come from my having too much time to play around with Photoshop, adding texture and gradient layers. As I recover from my foot surgery, I should be able to spend more time photographing and less on post processing.

Wooden Boat Chandlery

merchandise in the Wooden Boat Foundation's Chandlery
Wooden Boat Foundation's Chandlery

According to WiseGeek.com: “Rising out of historical necessity, a chandlery was a store that sold nautical parts, gear, and other commodities to sea-bound vessels.” The Wooden Boat Foundation’s Chandlery  does have nautical geer along with nautical oriented books, clothing and gifts. All this is housed in the Northwest Maritime Center at the East end of Water Street.