Harassing the Eagle

Crow harassing an eagle
Crow harassing an eagle

K called me to look out at a crow dive bombing an eagle, which was perched on top of a big doug fir tree. I tried to get close enough for a shot but the eagle must have decided that it had enough before I could get in range for a sharp image. Fortunately, I did manage to catch the birds just as the eagle took off.

Wild Birds Unlimited

Wild Birds Unlimited in Gardener, jefferson county, wa
Wild Birds Unlimited in Gardiner

While I’m focused on backyard birds, I might as well post a photo of the store where we get our feeders and much of our bird food. Come to think of it, our binoculars came from there too. The Wild Birds Unlimited store is on US 101, in Gardiner, WA. That’s between 15 and 20 miles from here and just west of Discovery Bay. The owners are super helpful and have fun stuff to sell.

Kah Tai Prairie Reserve

Spring wildflowers in the Kah Tai Prairie Reserve in Port Townsend
Spring wildflowers in the Kah Tai Prairie Reserve

This small, about two acre, section of native prairie has been set aside to preserve the type of vegetation that was common in this area after the last ice age, over 10,000 years ago. You can find it in the Port Townsend Golf Course. The preserve is maintained by the Olympic Chapter of the Washington Native Plant Society. With all the wildflowers blooming, it’s particularly lovely in spring.

Midnight at the Boat Haven

Night photo of boats in Port Townsend's Boat Haven

The night was calm and warmish, so I thought to take some reflection photo of the boats at the Boat Haven Marina. I got a couple of nice shots but had to spend a few minutes convincing security that I’m not a terrorist or vandal. Thank goodness for digital camera reviews. The guy really appreciated this shot.

Included in the Newton Area Photo, Weekend Reflection post.